Bryan Taylor


Architect of Advancement: Sculpting the Sales Spectrum 

Bryan Taylor is recognized as a linchpin in the world of business development, with a diverse and impactful history in leadership across the insurance, technology, private equity, and venture capital sectors. His tenure as Vice-President at Velocity Global is marked by a distinct acumen in constructing and steering high-caliber international sales and account management teams. His strategic initiatives and leadership were critical in scaling the company’s revenue streams and solidifying its global market presence.

Orchestrating Turnarounds: Operational Excellence and Client Solutions 

In his strategic career movements, Bryan has navigated the challenging waters of business turnaround with The Stage Fund, focusing on revitalizing technology companies. His aptitude for improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience was highlighted during his tenure as Managing Director. As the former CEO of Blue Cod Technologies, Bryan honed his executive acumen, successfully steering the InsurTech company through vital strategy implementations and business operations. 

Maestro of Market Expansion: Driving Growth, Driving Revenue 

In the consulting sphere, Bryan is the strategist businesses seek to invigorate their revenue generation and market expansion efforts. Utilizing his deep well of management experience, he dispenses strategic counsel and operational support that propels organizations toward heightened growth and improved financial performance. Bryan is not just a consultant but an artisan of business growth, applying a masterful blend of innovation, analysis, and tactical action to develop high-impact sales strategies and revenue enhancement models for his clients.

Champion of Change: Guiding Enterprises to Economic Elevation 

Bryan’s current venture into business consultancy is an extension of his entrepreneurial zeal and in-depth grasp of the commercial landscape. His commitment to redefining growth strategies for his clients aligns with his vision to empower businesses, arming them with the tools and insights necessary to excel in a competitive global economy.

Life Beyond the Boardroom 

Outside the realm of business, Bryan is family-oriented, cherishing time with his wife and their two sports-enthusiast sons. The Taylor family takes full advantage of the vibrant Colorado lifestyle, engaging in athletic pursuits and exploring the picturesque terrains of their home state.

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Pat Linden


Capo of Contracts: The Rise of a BizMafia Consigliere

With nearly 25 years of professional experience, BizMafia co-consigliere Pat Linden stands out as a proven entrepreneur and transaction advisor, proficient in leading M&A and venture capital transactions ranging from hundreds of thousands to $700 million. His expertise spans across various industries, benefiting companies, founders, and executives alike. Pat also has a decade’s experience as an active early-stage investor and founded a transportation logistics business.

Running the Rackets: Legal Acumen and Business Savvy

Pat’s transactional knowledge is extensive, having collaborated with top-tier regional and national investment banks, accounting firms, and private equity and venture capital funds. Since 2015, he has contributed to various startup boards and has skillfully grown Linden Law Partners LLC, a boutique M&A and venture capital law firm. He has also represented leading companies and business executives in the Rocky Mountain Region, earning recognition as Colorado’s top M&A attorney in 2018 and 2020 and the state’s premier private equity lawyer in 2019 and 2021 by Law Week Colorado. In 2024, Best Lawyers in America® ranked him in the top 5% of corporate attorneys nationwide.

M&A Maestro: Leveling the Playing Field for SMBs

Recognizing a void in essential merger and acquisition (M&A) preparedness for small and mid-sized enterprises, Pat launched “Transition Tactic” in 2023. This avant-garde advisory firm is dedicated to uplifting smaller businesses, offering expert advice, mentorship, and connections to top-tier M&A and growth equity professionals, all to help ensure game-changing M&A exit results.

Consigliere Counsel: Navigating the Business Terrain

Drawing on his background and entrepreneurial spirit, Pat brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to The BizMafia Podcast. His proficiency in navigating complex M&A transactions and equity capital deals, paired with his dedication to empowering emerging businesses, align seamlessly with the show’s mission to demystify the world of entrepreneurship, foster powerful dialogue with show guests, and provide valuable advice to budding founders and established business owners alike.

Life Outside the Syndicate

Pat was an athlete in college and has taught several MBA classes at DU’s Daniels College of Business. When he’s not navigating legal and entrepreneurial pursuits, he enjoys time with his wife, two young daughters, and their family dog. Pat also pulls for the Denver Broncos and traverses Colorado’s challenging off-road 4WD terrain.

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