Episode no.8

Beyond The Ladder: An Entrepreneurial Journey with Amanda Hofman

Hosted by Bryan Taylor and Pat Linden

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In a world where the corporate ladder is often seen as the ultimate ascent to success, there exists a growing tribe of individuals who are daring to step off that well-trodden path. Quitting a stable and predictable corporate job to embrace the uncertainties of entrepreneurship is not merely a career shift; it’s a bold leap into the unknown, driven by the desire for autonomy, passion, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

We are thrilled to feature Amanda Hofman, the co-founder and CEO of Go To Market Studio, who takes us on a captivating journey through her entrepreneurial ventures. From her experiences running Urban Girl Squad to founding Go To Market Studio, Amanda delves into the significance of print-on-demand technology and the pivotal role of thoughtful merchandise in the business landscape. She shares lessons learned about business partnerships and highlights the growth of her team, attributing a crucial role to virtual assistants. Our conversation spans the evolving business landscape, underscoring the impact of social media, particularly Instagram, on modern marketing strategies.

Beyond the professional realm, Amanda underscores the importance of balance, drawing attention to the role of fitness and personal growth. She shares her own transformative journey of prioritizing self-care and the positive impact it has had on her professional life, imparting valuable advice for individuals embarking on their careers, rounding off an enriching and multifaceted conversation.

What We Discuss

  • [00:00:37] – Meet Amanda Hofman
  • [00:01:37] – Amanda’s journey to starting Go To Market
  • [00:02:34] – Starting Urban Girl Squad
  • [00:10:31] – Merchandise pain points and their solutions
  • [00:11:38] – The psychology of ‘swag’
  • [00:21:22] – Identifying a good business partner
  • [00:25:16] – The role of confidence and urgency in decision-making
  • [00:30:22] – The growth stage and task delegation
  • [00:31:04] – Finding work-life balance and freeing up time
  • [00:41:32] – The importance of finding your voice
  • [00:48:31] – The role of networking groups and social media in marketing
  • [00:50:46] – Amanda’s true differentiation from her competitors
  • [00:52:04] -The future of the industry in the next five years
  • [00:53:53] – How Amanda finds work-life balance
  • [00:56:13] – Amanda’s advice to those starting their careers

Notable Quotes

  • [00:01:55] “I felt like I was wearing an itchy sweater all day long in my corporate jobs, tremendously unfulfilled. It took years of experimenting before realizing that having my own business was really the right thing for me.” – Amanda Hofman
  • [00:13:33] “Your merchandise should reflect your message, it should reflect your brand. It’s not just a logo.” – Amanda Hofman
  • [00:28:13] “I love being an entrepreneur, not for a big exit, but for the joy of doing the work. I want to build a strong reputation, solid relationships, and enjoy the journey.” -Amanda Hofman

Our Guest

Amanda Hofman, Co-Founder and CEO of Go To Market Studio, has been reshaping the branded merchandise landscape since 2019. With over five years in business development consulting, she seamlessly integrates custom print-on-demand merchandise shops for businesses, utilizing branded swag as a potent marketing tool. Committed to flexibility, sustainability, and excitement in the industry, Amanda oversees the entire process from design ideation to website integration, allowing clients to focus on business growth. Passionate about delivering high-quality products that mirror each brand’s unique identity,

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Amanda Hofman

By Co-Founder and CEO of Go To Market Studio

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Amanda Hofman

By Co-Founder and CEO of Go To Market Studio

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