Episode no.13

Million Dollar Insights to Success with David Riggs

Hosted by Bryan Taylor and Pat Linden

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Welcome to another episode of the BizMafia podcast, and today, we dive into the entrepreneurial journey of David Riggs, founder of Pneuma Media and Pneuma Ventures. David’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of impressive, and his insights into business, branding, and the changing role of salespeople are invaluable.

David’s story unfolds with awe-inspiring chapters, from launching his first company at the tender age of 16 to orchestrating the rise of a $3 million business empire. As we unravel the layers of his success, David generously shares insights that transcend the conventional realms of business discourse. In our candid conversation, he unveils the unconventional marketing tactics that propelled his ventures, emphasizing data analysis over mere aesthetics and championing the paramount importance of brand loyalty. His mantra of valuing creativity, learning from mistakes, and prioritizing action over overthinking resonates throughout, shaping a narrative that underscores the essence of entrepreneurship.

Whether it’s achieving work-life balance, unveiling future business plans, or navigating the intricacies of client relationships, David’s insights offer a compass for entrepreneurial success. Prepare to be inspired by a narrative that illuminates the power of entrepreneurship, where David Riggs stands as a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that unfold when passion meets strategic vision.

What We Discuss

  • [00:00:36] – Meet David Riggs
  • [00:01:16] – David’s initial entrepreneurial bug
  • [00:07:44] – Importance of understanding the numbers
  • [00:09:00] – David’s personal journey and shift in focus
  • [00:14:10] – The importance of mentorship and personal branding
  • [00:30:54] – The importance of communication and a client-centric approach
  • [00:45:19] – Remote work vs in-office debate
  • [00:50:00] – The importance of sharing knowledge and experiences among businesses
  • [00:57:37] – Creating a culture that encourages creativity and learning from mistakes
  • [00:58:08] – The willingness to do it now vs overthinking
  • [1:05:45] – The importance of separating work and personal life
  • [1:09:12] – The future of Pneuma in the next 5-10 years
  • [1:18:52] – David’s advice on inputs vs outputs in business

Notable Quotes

  • [00:18:49] – “Brand is essentially the easiest way to start owning real estate in everyone else’s heads.” – David Riggs
  • [00:19:35] – “What’s interesting to you or what’s not interesting to you doesn’t mean it’s not going to be interesting to the market.” – David Riggs
  • [00:27:26] – “I’ve been a big believer in that the only way you get to quality is by doing the quantity.” – David Riggs

Our Guest

David Riggs is the visionary founder and driving force behind Pneuma Media, a dynamic website design, development, and SEO agency that has achieved remarkable success under his leadership. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for innovation, David has propelled Pneuma Media from its humble beginnings to an impressive milestone, scaling the business from $0 to $2 million in revenue in less than two years. Recognizing the pivotal role content plays in digital visibility, Pneuma Media not only optimizes websites but also strategically leverages SEO content across diverse platforms to maximize impact.

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David Riggs

By Founder of Pneuma Media and Pneuma Ventures

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David Riggs

By Founder of Pneuma Media and Pneuma Ventures

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