Episode no.9

Scott Mueller: The Man Who Changed The Solar Energy Game

Hosted by Bryan Taylor and Pat Linden

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Solar power is like a superhero in the ever-changing world of energy where being eco-friendly is of utmost importance. In this episode of the BizMafia podcast, we have an inspiring conversation with Scott Mueller, the co-founder of SolarLeadFactory and a pioneer in the solar energy industry.

Scott’s journey in the solar industry is nothing short of inspiring. Scott’s interest in solar energy was sparked during his junior year abroad in Spain. After graduating from UC Davis, where he was involved in green building and sustainability initiatives, he dove headfirst into the industry. He played a significant role in the Million Solar Roofs initiative in California, which was a turning point for the modern solar market in the state.

In our conversation, Scott shares his journey into the solar energy industry, his experiences in Germany and California, and his unique combination of skills and experiences that led to his success. He talks about the genesis of SolarLeadFactory, the challenges they faced, the journey of selling their business, and the satisfaction of seeing hard work pay off. He shares their experience of transitioning to work for the acquiring company, Enphase Energy, and the lifestyle adjustments that came with it.

What We Discuss

  • [00:00:42] – Meet Scott Mueller
  • [00:01:21] – Scott’s history of being involved in solar energy
  • [00:03:40] – Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Million Solar Roofs Initiative
  • [00:07:15] – Transitioning from policy to business in Germany
  • [00:21:48] – The risk management mindset
  • [00:22:59] – Starting the business
  • [00:24:01] – Scaling up and overcoming challenges
  • [00:33:05] – The growth expedition
  • [00:44:43] – Balancing growth and customer care
  • [00:47:01] – Simplifying and staying focused
  • [00:52:03] – The process of selling the business
  • [00:57:54] – Celebration, acquisition, and making sense of it all

Notable Quotes

  • [00:03:19] “Life is fragile, life is delicate, and life is not permanent. Do what you want to do.” – Scott Mueller
  •  [00:25:50] “I always looked at it and go like, ‘Alright, this is about risk management. It’s about controlling and minimizing the risk that you’re taking and taking asymmetric bets.’” – Scott Mueller
  • [00:25:02] “We’re experimenting. We’re trying different business models. We’re balancing kind of this lifestyle element with trying to get it right.” -Scott Mueller
  • [00:48:51] “Don’t try to be everything for everyone. Be very clear. Don’t try to serve people you can’t serve. Stay really, really focused on what you’re trying to do.” – Scott Mueller

Our Guest

Scott Mueller, a dynamic solar professional with over a decade of expertise, has been a driving force in the solar industry. From witnessing the implementation of a solar executive order in Sacramento to shaping solar policy in Germany and Spain, Scott’s global experience underscores his commitment to sustainable energy solutions. In the USA, he played a key role in expanding pvXchange and contributing to CivicSolar’s prominence. Now, Scott sets his sights on a groundbreaking venture – spearheading a widespread solar revolution in the United States. His visionary leadership and industry acumen position him as a catalyst for change in the evolving landscape of renewable energy.

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Scott Mueller

By Co-Founder of SolarLeadFactory

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Scott Mueller

By Co-Founder of SolarLeadFactory

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