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Episode no.01

The Long and Winding Road to Success with John Hewitt

Hosted by Bryan Taylor and Pat Linden

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, charting your course in the business world, and reaping the rewards of your hard work? What if I told you there was a way to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure with a roadmap already in hand, a proven formula for success, and a network of support at your disposal?

John Hewitt, founder of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service, shares his entrepreneurial journey and insights into franchising. John discusses the importance of listening to franchisees and customers, the challenges of dealing with investors, and the role of loyalty and culture in business success. He also talks about his latest venture, Loyalty Brands, which operates in multiple industries and emphasizes brand loyalty. We also highlight John’s commitment to his franchisees and customers and the importance of having an ownership mentality in business.

Are you ready to uncover the secrets of entrepreneurship? Let’s dive right in!

What We Discuss

  • [00:00:15] – Meet John Hewitt
  • [00:01:23] – The entrepreneurial bug bites
  • [00:04:40] – The decision tree software
  • [00:11:57] – The challenges of transitioning people and managing income in business growth
  • [00:13:14] – Franchising vs. becoming a huge institution
  • [00:16:38] – Importance of following the franchise system
  • [00:22:58] – The importance of listening to franchisees
  • [00:24:07] – The winning strategy of market by market approach
  • [00:27:07] – Cautionary advice on venture capital and private equity
  • [00:34:29] – The challenges of being a public company
  • [00:40:19] – The importance of culture and loyalty in business
  • [00:46:32] – The formation of Loyalty Brands
  • [00:47:18] – The guerrilla marketing strategy
  • [00:49:18] – Cross-marketing challenges and missed opportunities
  • [00:52:49] – The importance of differentiation in marketing
  • [00:58:30] – The evolution of marketing and the future of the industry
  • [01:03:04] – John’s habits and routines that help him stay focused
  • [01:03:49] – John’s last piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

Notable Quotes

  • [00:12:22] – “You can’t have too much income without structure or you don’t offer great service, and you can’t have too much structure without income or you go bankrupt.” – John Hewitt
  • [00:52:01] – “You have to differentiate. If David had gone on to the field against Goliath, and he had the same sword and shield and armor as Goliath, there wouldn’t be a David and Goliath story.” – John Hewitt
  • [01:04:03] – “I think whatever you do, you have to have fun. Life is too short. Find something you love to do, and then you’re never working.” – John Hewitt

Our Guest

John T. Hewitt, a distinguished American entrepreneur, founded Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax Service, and Loyalty Brands, managing 10,000 tax and business service franchises in the USA and Canada. An industry pioneer, he shaped tax preparation software standards. Liberty Tax Service swiftly expanded under his leadership, reaching over 4,000 North American offices by 2012. John left in 2018 to establish Loyalty Brands, a thriving franchise group, encompassing nine brands in four years. This diverse portfolio focuses on customer loyalty, repeat business, and financial stability, recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchise opportunities in January 2021. Loyalty Brands champions business and community support, perpetually striving for upward success.

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John hewitt

By Founder of ATax and Liberty Tax Service, Co-Founder of Jackson Hewitt, and CEO of Loyalty Brands

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John hewitt

By Founder of ATax and Liberty Tax Service, Co-Founder of Jackson Hewitt, and CEO of Loyalty Brands

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